In late 2023, two folks decided to start a podcast (The Sidelines Podcast) about Sports & Fitness in India. The question both were trying to get to the root of was “Why does India lack a culture of sports (and by extension fitness)?” and hopefully also uncover some insights to answer the next logical question of “How to now build this culture of Sports & Fitness in India?”.

The hope was that by speaking to a diverse group of people – people building at the grassroots of sports, to sports fans (fanatics!), to the fitness / sports enthusiasts next door – some pattern might emerge. And a pattern did emerge – after hearing varying opinions, optimism about India’s sports future and possible solutions, the one lingering thing in the corner of every conversation was about financial support for sports & players. Both the folks were already contributing financially to sports causes – so it made sense to build a more professional & sustainable approach to support sports & players financially.

And thats how (India’s was born with a single purpose:

build a sustainable movement that fosters a culture of Sports & Fitness in India.

We are a modern community-driven sports media company with a simple plan:

  1. Produce top-quality content that is thoughtful, inspiring, fact-based. No click-baits or general news.
  2. Earn revenue from ads / subscriptions, etc
  3. Distribute all the profits in ways that foster India’s Sports & Fitness culture – including talent scholarships, full academy enrolment, supporting sports development companies, etc.

There are multiple ways to become part of this movement. Some of them:

  • Produce quality content
  • Become a neighbourhood scout
  • Advertise with us
  • Partner with us if you run an academy / sports facility

Please reach out to us at