Aparna Popat on Sports Science, Olympics & Tech

Aparna Popat, one of India’s foremost elite athlete, and Arjuna awardee, shares her past, present and the future plans in building a sports culture.

In this episode of The Sidelines Podcast, Aparna shares what keeps her consistent even today, the impact of sports science in elite athletes, the pros & cons of information overload (and social media ofcourse), and tops it off with her new venture helping upcoming athletes get better with the help of Sports Science and Technology.

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The Indian Sports Fan POV

Full Episode on Youtube, Spotify, and Google Podcasts Avnish Anand, CEO of Caratlane by profession, and a manically numbers driven sports fan by passion,…

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Picking the right strings with Somdev Devvarman

Somdev Devvarman, top-notch Indian tennis professional, humble & politically incorrect, and a generally all-round “good sense of humour” guy.

In this episode of The Sidelines Podcast, Som talks about Wimbledon 2023 (change of guard ??), his personal life, fitness (why are we buzzed on step count ?!), coaching Gen-Z players, playing with Roger Federer, music (and meeting women), and tons of other interesting stuff.

A no-nonsense, politically “no-fs” given conversation, and tons of laughter

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Grassroots Volleyball in India with Abhijit Bhattacharya (former captain – Volleyball India)

Abhijit Bhattacharya is the former captain of the Indian national volleyball team, who founded the Brahmaputra Volleyball Leagues (BVL) during the pandemic. BVL focuses on promoting sports (and more specifically volleyball) at the literal grassroots (hinterlands of Assam) ! This is a fascinating story of how passion meets execution meets community for the development of Sports at a really fundamental level.

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